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Quality video content is essential to making companies stand out from the pack.

From Super Bowl commercials to corporate films and documentaries, we continue to produce

high-end, award-winning work... whether it be in 6 seconds or over 2 hours.


Our editors and graphics artists weave together layers of images and add dialogue, sfx, and music.

We then integrate color for a desired look and feel to ensure your brand stories work.

Located in NYC, our friendly atmosphere, creative editors, and personable staff contribute to a very welcoming experience.

So, stop by for a snack, a little TV and some great wine.

Then partner with us for all or your video needs. All you have to do is...Just Add Water.



Partners Joe DeFilipps, Jonathan Levy and Enrico Madonna

are dedicated to professionalism and can even throw a good party once in a while.

Jessica Serrantes
After FX

After graduating from Penn State University with a BA in Communications, I interned within the music industry, was a production assistant, and in between, helped out at my cousin's salon.

I finally found my home at Just Add Water -  started as an intern and am now creating and editing spots in After FX.

During my downtime I go online to toy shop for my spoiled cat.

Kelly Farrell
After FX

I graduated from East Stroudsburg University with a BS in Media, Communications & Technology and began working at Just Add Water as an intern and is now an assistant editor. Outside of the office I can be seen acting in many off-off broadway plays, especially as a member of the theater company Love Creek Productions. My love of theater and film has inspired me to learn and grow in the post production world. And when not editing or acting I can be found chasing my dog Jack (as well as my nieces and nephews), reading and exercising.

Francis Zuccarello

My brother-in-law claims that, as a child, I would never pay attention to the television until the commercials came on. Talk about destiny.

As the John Adams of Just Add Water, I was there at the founding of this creative edit house. Currently, I produce my own motion pictures and I've been a consultant to a number of acclaimed documentaries.

My commercial work includes innovative, award-winning, and culturally resonant campaigns for advertisers like Gillette and Grey Poupon.

My original, feature-length screenplay, Holy Hell, was selected as a Top Five Finalist in the Bluecat Screenplay Competition.

I have four Godchildren, been a best man thrice and endowed one scholarship.

I'm a politics junkie, so I'd love to create campaign spots. Bring me your mud and I'll happily help you sling it.

Robert Meetsma
General Manager

Counts with all four hooves.

Scott Pelzel